Maha Rahathun Wadi Maga Osse – A rare Sangha gem in Sri Lanka

Maha Rahathun Wadi Maga Osse

Proving that all formations are temporary even the pure Buddha’s teachings are declining in popularity. There are hints that a time without a Buddha is fast approaching. Number of Buddhists with the correct view are fast declining. Wrong views are multiplying. Both humans and devas are collecting more and more bad karma through their unskillful actions.

Due to this bad karma a new world is getting formed with more natural disasters, wars and plagues, where the life expectancy of humans will decline. In the long run, tomorrow will never be better than today as the sixteen dreams seen by King Kosol comes true. Sheer strength of the craving causes humans to be more competitive and get lost in a busy world, resulting in more suffering. They will interpret the Dhamma as they like and consider the Mara, hell, heaven etc just to be concepts and not real. They would consider that a successful man is someone who has passed all the exams, got high paying jobs and built a great family. Probably because of the lack of Dhamma donation in past lives they do not see the Dhamma even if it is very close to them. They fail to understand the rarity of a Buddha’s birth, obtaining a human life and the opportunity to listen to Dhamma.

Anyway the dhamma is still intact and you can still end the suffering. But since it is the last few hours we must not waste our time. Like a man whose head is on fire is trying to extinguish that we should do our best to end the cycle of birth and death.

We are lucky that there is a rare sangha gem among us. The venerable Rajagiriye Ariyagnana is a forest monk who is born to this world for the benefit of us all. Staying in a forest monastery and meditating, he has bestowed us with the book series ” Maha Rahathun Wadi Maga Osse ” reflecting the words of the “One who Knows” through his own understanding. As devotees we should make sure that we give the peace needed for the forest monks to continue their journey towards Nibbana. May all beings try their best to end the suffering by listening to the pure Dhamma with their heart and soul. May all beings attain the deathless Nibbana. May you have the blessing of the triple gem.

“Dear monks, covered by ignorance and propelled by craving all of us have gone through countless lives for countless eons. It is not possible to define a starting end for this suffering”

May all beings contemplate the suffering and try to end it without delay.


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May all listen to these words and be encouraged to leave this world of birth and death. May all beings attain the deathless Nibbana!